Outdoor adventures. Partners-in-crime.
Biking, hiking, camping, and climbing: I count outdoor activities among my favorite hobbies. I also used to consider myself pretty adept at these things. After all, I can change a flat tire on my bicycle; I’ve almost perfected my gear list for lightweight backpacking; and I can read a topographic map like I can read my own name.

Then, my boyfriend of five years was offered an amazing career opportunity in Salt Lake City, Utah. We weren't sure whether his move would be temporary or permanent, so I stayed in New York City to hold down the fort. 

As I helped him pack up his gear, it suddenly dawned on me. Among other things, he is my number one outdoor adventure partner-in-crime! Would I really be able to pursue these hobbies on my own?

The questions rushed in like a flash flood. Should I buy my own camping stove, or even my own tent? How would I get out of New York City to my favorite hiking trails without a car? Who would go cycling with me? Will I finally have to learn to tie knots? And should I learn how to ski before I visit him in Salt Lake City?

What, in fact, did I think I was prepared for?

With the help of this blog, I’ll relearn all my favorite hobbies with a fresh and independent perspective. Follow me as I tackle all the outdoor tricks I thought I already knew.