Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sights from a Salt Lake City road trip

Pennsylvania (not pictured) gave me my October fix. Beautiful autumn leaves in those rolling hills.

Ohio was the first sign that we were no longer in the northeast.

Illinois? Well, we passed by Chicago, spotting a little luck along the way.

Indiana left me with little more than songs from "The Music Man" stuck in my head. "Gaaaaaary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, In-di-an-a!"

Iowa was more than just corn country. It was beautiful rolling hills with elegant windmills spinning slowly as the sun set.

Nebraska? Well, the service people were nice. This was the point in the trip where we almost strangled each other. It's inevitable. Nebraska is perhaps unfairly shouldering the blame. So here's a nice picture:

Wyoming was amazing. State parks line I-80, so the rest stops had museum plaques and taxidermy animals. One even boasted a population of bison grazing at the foot of a hill.

Utah was a rapidly changing landscape that I will have to read up on in order to describe.

We landed in Salt Lake City a little later than expected, so we only had time for a bit of apartment hunting for A., followed by an anniversary dinner. We stumbled upon this on our way to dinner: 

Yes, I think I could eventually live here.

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