Tuesday, November 15, 2011

REI's "Find Out NYC" iPhone app is bigger than life


I still have a (well-functioning) iPhone 3G. Since I seem to destroy phones as frequently as local exterminators destroy cockroaches, sticking with this cheaper model was the only rational choice. I've been quite happy with my little geriatric robot—until now.

REI is opening a store in New York City, and they're making a big deal about it. Their campaign includes the release of an iPhone and Android app that interacts with REI ad posters around New York City:

While I can't imagine myself stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to point my phone at random REI advertisements, I did get excited for two reasons:
  1. "You can learn more about outdoor opportunities in and around New York."
  2. Gear giveaways!
Number 2 is simply (very tempting) consumer bait. However, for a city girl trying to breathe life back into her outdoor hobbies, number 1 has some great potential!

I gleefully downloaded the app, eager to discover new trails and untold wilderness. Unfortunately, the great outdoors is apparently too vast and untamed for my greenhorn mobile technology. The 48.9MB application pushed my poor little iPhone over max capacity, and I'm still debating the merits of removing some music just to try the darn thing.

Have you tried the app? What do you think?

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