Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Camping taught me MacGyver skills

Sometimes the best part about camping is being able to whip out those amazing outdoor-MacGyver skills in everyday life.

I have a cup of coffee tattooed on my wrist. Yes, I love coffee that much. You can understand, then, my despair when I discovered that my roommate had put a crack in the carafe of my coffee maker.

For a few weeks, I resorted to buying coffee every day. However, the coffee prices around here range between $1.35 and $3.97 per cup and—at the risk of displaying my miserliness—that adds up very quickly. Particularly during the holiday season. Painstaking research on a "universal 12-cup replacement carafe" only resulted in bitter disappointment when the new coffee pot still didn't fit in my ancient Proctor Silex. With a crazy schedule and no hope of returning to the store myself before the New Year, I began preparing myself for coffee bankruptcy.

That's when I remembered this beauty, buried beneath my mounds of ill-sorted camping gear:

A souvenir from earlier days of music festivals and beginner's camping, this little percolator was eventually replaced by our current lightweight one-pot system and Starbucks instant coffee. Yes, yes, I know it's aluminum, but I could never really bring myself to get rid of the percolator.

OK, so maybe I didn't learn to make coffee using just a paperclip and a string. And maybe stovetop coffee percolators have been around since the days of my great-great-great-grandparents. This coffee addict (and her wallet) is still quite pleased.

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  1. Your resourcefulness is great! I remember the percolators from my childhood and loved the "perking" sound they made. Hats off to you for being open to using an alternative method.